Ejector Drilling & Honing

Ejector Drilling
Similar to Gundrilling only with greater diameters, Ejector drilling provides the same benefits but with larger residual holes. This extension to our ability to make long straight holes enhances our service packages to our customers.

  • Also called a dual tube system, as ejector drills consist of a drill head, an outer tube, and an inner tube
  • High pressure coolant is introduced through the space between the inner tube and outer tube
  • Chips are discharged through the inside diameter of the inner tube and exhausted through an adapter mounted to the front of the machining spindle

A precise, smooth and polished ID cutting process, honing uses polishing stones to gently create an ideal finish.

  • Extremely accurate
  • More efficient and precise than grinding
  • High metal removal rate
Ejector Drill Specifications
Max Diameter & Max Depth5.25” x 155”
Honing Specifications
Max Diameter & Max Depth4.25" ID x 155",
4.5" ID x 144"