Electron Beam Weld

During this process, a high-energy Electron Beam melts a narrow region at the joining interfaces. Electron Beam welding produces a minimal Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) in the materials being joined but requires the welding to be done in a vacuum atmosphere.

Benefits of Electron Beam welding include deep penetration, narrow heat affected zone, and minimum distortion to workpiece with near parent metal strength if not improved strength. Electron Beam welding also allows you to mate dissimilar metals. Characteristics include:

  • Narrow fusion zone
  • Elimination of impurities associated with non-vacuum welding.
  • Operationally efficient regarding speed and repeatability.
  • Superior weld control.
  • No need for filler material.



MaterialsNickel Based Alloys, Cobalt Based Alloys, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Steel, Most other metals
Active Chamber Size36” cube
Non Active Chamber Size (extension of Active Chamber)24” dia x 16’ length
Weld Depth Penetration.003”- 2.0” (based on material)