Precision Machining

MIC Group offers world-class precision machined components to a diverse range of industries. We use the most modern, state-of-the-art machinery with the latest in milling, turning, gundrilling, and EDM technology. This vertical integration and our focus on close-tolerance CNC machining of standard and exotic materials, coupled with the latest technical innovations, allows us to optimize our service, quality, and delivery lead times.



MaterialsStainless Steel Alloys, Nickel Based Alloys, Cobalt Based Alloys, Beryllium Copper, Titanium, MP35N, Carbon Steel, Molybdenum, Bronze, Inconel, Nitronic, Nimonic, Aluminum Grades, Armored Plate, Super Duplex, Castings/Forgings, Carpenter M-50
Part Weight LimitUp to 5 Tons (based on Cranes)

Gundrilling is a special and unique machining service that creates a long, very straight, relatively small diameter hole. Typically, this specialized service is not a core competency of a machining organization.

MIC Group is pleased to offer in-house gundrilling to our customers to eliminate the extended project lead time associated with outsourcing.  This, in turn, saves our customers time and money.

  • Applicable to a broad range of materials.
  • Very accurate at high tolerances.
  • Easily repeatable
  • Smooth surface finishes
  • Eliminates need for deburring, reaming and work hardening.


Min Diameter & Max Depth.093″ x 30″
Max Diameter & Max Depth1.5″ x 72″

Gundrilling summary

Ejector drilling provides the same benefits as gundrilling, only with greater diameters . This extension to our ability to make long straight holes enhances our service packages to our customers.

  • Ejector drills, also called a dual tube system, consist of a drill head, an outer tube, and an inner tube.
  • High pressure coolant is introduced through the space between the inner tube and outer tube.
  • Chips are discharged through the inside diameter of the inner tube and exhausted through an adapter mounted to the front of the machining spindle

Ejector Drill Specifications

Max Diameter & Max Depth5.25” x 155”

Ejector Drilling

A precise, smooth, and polished ID cutting process, honing uses polishing stones to gently create an ideal finish.

  • Extremely accurate
  • More efficient and precise than grinding.
  • High metal removal rate

Honing Specifications

Max Diameter & Max Depth4.25″ ID x 155″,
4.5″ ID x 144″

Our extensive experience with milling is a true competitive advantage. Whether your needs require a vertical or horizontal mill, our knowledge and industry leading equipment enable us to tackle the most difficult of our customers’ milling requirements.

  • 5-Axis vertical mill capabilities
  • Horizontal boring mills


Through Spindle CoolantYesYes
High Pressure CoolantYesYes
Dual PalletNoYes
# of Axis5
Working Envelopes/Max120” x 35” x 40”
120” x 40” x 30”
141” x 36” x 32”
59” x 47” x 27”
60” x 60” x 48”
118” x 90” x 63”

Milling Summary


Vertical turning lathes allow an extra level of service to resolve challenges associated with part size, weight, and complexity.

  • CNC and Manual
  • Extensive quantities of numerous brands.


TypesCNC, ManualCNC
Spindle Bore Size1″ to 10 1/2″ in diameter 
# of Axis22
Live ToolingYes 
Max Swing8” to 40” in diameter98″
Max Turning6” to 32” in diameter 
Min Workpiece OD1/16” to 5” in diameter 
Max Boring Depth3” to 40” in length 
Distance between Centers12” to 224” in length 
Steady Rest OD2″ to 30″ in diameter 
Work Envelopes (Min)6″ x 12″ 6″ x 14″ 
Work Envelopes (Max)19” x 120”
20” x 180”
32” x 224”
30” x 70”
63″ x 98″
Max Cutting Height 63″

Turning Summary

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) uses an electrical discharge or spark to remove material and is typically applied to complex dimensional shapes. This method is especially well-suited for cutting intricate contours or delicate cavities that would be difficult to produce with a grinder, an end mill, or other cutting tools.

MIC Group offers EDM as part of our specialty services. This capability allows us to provide a broader range of complex machining solutions.

  • Wire & Plunge
  • Material hardness has little to no negative impact.
  • Applicable to any material that is electrically conductive.
  • A highly precise and reliable method
  • No distortion on delicate sections or weak materials
  • Very good surface finishes


Max Tank Height16.5″17.7″
Working Envelope41″ x 32″ x 16.5″43″ x 32″ x 18″
Open Height Min1.0″1.0″
Open Height Max16.5″17.7″

EDM Summary