Integrated Supply

MIC Group distinguishes itself by offering a simplified supply chain that strategically aligns our broad range of services.   Our supply chain, featuring a streamlined vertical integration of manufacturing processes, provides customers with cost savings and lead time reduction benefits.

Whether you need the confidence and output capacity increase of Private Label Manufacturing, the manufacturing augmentation of electro/mechanical assembly, or the cost and time savings from turnkey services, we have the program for you!  Collectively these services differentiate us and provide a unique offering to build partnerships.

Also termed Contract Manufacturing, our Private Label service allows our customers to fully integrate their manufacturing, sales, operations, and shipping requirements under one roof.  We function as an extension of their business. From new build to aftermarket service and repair, Private Label Manufacturing relationships can be developed to support all needs during the life of the product.

  • Exclusive agreement with continuous improvement
  • Complete supply chain support, including inventory control.
  • Use 100% of customer processes and standards.
  • Ship direct to your customer
  • Process all sales orders and manufacture assets according to customer request.
  • Personnel, equipment, assets, and building are 100% dedicated to the program.




Part/Assembly TypeUnlimited
Testing ParametersAny
Long Term AgreementAvailable
Production Mix/VolumeLow/Medium/High Mix, Low/Medium/High Volume

A core competency of MIC Group has been developed during our many years of providing Electro/Mechanical Assembly to our customers.  We begin by supplying the key mating parts to mechanically based assemblies and subassemblies manufactured to customer-dictated standards. To support the final product requirement, we also provide assembly of electrically based components such as wire harnesses, connectors, and other non-mechanical aspects of our customers’ assemblies. The internal capabilities to provide both services have been of high value to our partners.

  • Manufacturing and supply chain value add
  • Reduction in our customer’s supply chain management steps
  • Trained to meet customer expectations
  • Easy process adoption to your standards

In today’s world of constant cost-cutting and the streamlining of the manufacturing process, Turnkey Services continue to be the answer for many of our customers.  The ability to reduce costs and shorten lead times for individually machined items is a key element in your critical decision process. Our ability to combine all the necessary services needed for assemblies and subassemblies, including electro/mechanical assembly, outside processes, functional testing, shipping, supply chain management, and inventory control provides you and your business the competitive advantage you are looking for!

  • Management of outside processes.
  • Various functional testing of part, assembly, or subassembly.
  • Reduction in costs, lead times, and inventory.
  • Utilize many in-house MIC Group services.
  • Supply Chain Management