Our Services

MIC Group provides a broad range of capabilities to meet the unique needs of our customers. These capabilities allow us to support all levels of supply chain needs – from material sourcing to part-level machining to contract manufacturing. Understanding the needs of our customers allows MIC Group to help develop custom programs utilizing our multiple manufacturing services. This provides the lowest cost, shortest lead times, and a myriad of solutions for our customers, regardless of industry.

Engineering design

Our full-time Engineering and Programming departments allow us to truly collaborate with our customers.

Precision Machining

MIC Group offers world-class precision machined components to a diverse range of industries.

Electron Beam Weld

During this process, a high-energy Electron Beam melts a narrow region at the joining interfaces.

Safety & Quality

MIC Group has an exemplary safety record and takes great pride in the millions of man-hours without a loss of time incident that we have achieved as a company.

Pressure Testing & NDT

Pressure testing and non-destructive testing round off our services portfolio offering these unique aspects on site and with the ability to couple them with our other offerings.

Integrated Supply

MIC Group distinguishes itself by offering a simplified supply chain that strategically aligns our broad range of services.

Outsourced Value-Added Services

In addition to our in-house processes, we also work closely with strategic partners to effectively manage outsourced services to exact specifications per the demands of our clients.