Private Label Manufacturing

We currently provide this service to a Fortune 10 customer.   Also termed Contract Manufacturing, our Private Label service allows our customers to fully integrate their manufacturing, sales, operations and shipping requirements under one roof.  We function as an extension of their business. From new build to aftermarket service and repair, Private Label Manufacturing relationships can be developed to support all needs during the life of the product.

  • Exclusive Agreement  with Continuous Improvement
  • Complete supply chain support include inventory control
  • Use 100% of customer processes and standards
  • Ship Direct to your customer
  • Process all sales orders and manufacture assets according to customer request
  • Personnel, equipment, assets and building 100% dedicated to the program
Part/Assembly TypeUnlimited
Testing ParametersAny
Long Term AgreementAvailable
Production Mix/VolumeLow/Medium/High Mix, Low/Medium/High Volume