Master Supplier Services

For Total Supply Chain Management and Optimization

MIC Group enables Total Supply Chain Management and Optimization Services for start-to-finish cost-savings, enhanced customer service and maximum efficiency for a totally outsourced solution.



With MIC as your Master Manufacturer and your Master Supplier, we can offer you:

  • One-stop shopping
  • Lower operation cost
  • Shorter lead times
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Consistent quality



MIC is committed to meeting your stated and implied requirements by working with you to understand your business and your business needs. By doing this, we are able to provide greater value and develop a beneficial long term relationships with your company.

In-house Master Supplier Services
MIC Group is responsible for the services that we provide and accountable to customers for the results, as we are for MIC preferred suppliers in the following areas:

  • Full Collaboration
    We work collaboratively with you in an atmosphere of trust and full disclosure, putting issues on the table before they become problems.

  • Full Access (Transparency)
    As our customer, you will have enterprise-wide visibility and access into our processes, documents and MIC personnel.

  • Dedicated Customer Service
    We have a dedicated project management team for internal and supplier coordination. The MIC project management team is responsible for all of your supply chain activities.

  • Quality Control & Improvement
    Maintaining good quality control and deliveries throughout the supply chain is key in meeting your requirements, enabling MIC’s continued success and ensuring our long-term competitiveness and our commitment to continuous product quality improvement.

  • Intellectual Property Protection/Confidentiality
    MIC is responsible and takes seriously the intellectual property of our customers and strives to ensure complete accountability for maintaining the secure nature through Non-Disclosure Agreements throughout the supply chain.

  • Traceability
    An ISO 9000:2008 and requirement, MIC offers state-of-the-art, proprietary document management.

  • Import/Export Compliance
    We are committed to verifying and complying with all applicable laws and regulations of the United States and all other countries as it pertains to Import/Export Compliance, Denied Party Screening and Protection of Intellectual Property.

  • Supplier Product Warranty Protection
    We manufacture to print to meet your exact specifications.

  • Product Liability Risk
    At MIC and with our suppliers, we minimize your risk by manufacturing to print. Documentation management is offered to meet your needs, including traceability.

  • Tooling & Equipment
    MIC is responsible for putting in place all required tooling and equipment, internally or with suppliers.

  • Environmental Management
    Our Environmental Policy provides the framework and resources to ensure compliance to local, state, national and international regulations. Resource sustainability is supported through conservation of resources and emphasis on recycling.

  • Social Responsibility
    We operate our business in an ethical manner and are committed to employee diversity as an equal opportunity employer. Employees are viewed as assets, and their views are sought as part of the decision-making process.  MIC is supportive of the communities in which it operates.

  • Health and Safety Management
    The health and safety of MIC employees are a top priority. Our Health and Safety Policy provides the framework and resources to ensure compliance to local, state, national and international regulations. MIC provides for clean facilities, proper safety equipment, training and safe working conditions.

  • Business Interruption Solutions
    With our integrated strategy and diverse geographic locations, we are strategically positioned to service our customers even with business interruptions, such as severe weather or other unforeseen occurrences. We are able to quickly draw upon the group resources causing minimal impact to our customers during, while we repaired the damage.

  • Order Management
    Our integrated ERP system allows us to provide shared services such as sales order management. Building upon the strength of our organization and our ERP solution, we are able to monitor the order flow from our customers and place that work upon the location that can best provide the necessary delivery and cost to meet our customer’s requirements.
For your contract manufacturing needs, parts or products or total supply chain management, call MIC Group at 979-277-7800 or email us.