Master Manufacturing Services

For Parts & Assembled Products

MIC Group provides Master Manufacturing Services utilizing leading edge technology. We specialize in difficult and unusual parts and have proven ourselves to be a reliable source of high precision, close tolerance products of exceptional quality, utilizing exotic materials and precise machining. Geometric and positional tolerances at levels of .0004 in to .001 in are commonplace for us.



In-house Master Manufacturing Services
At MIC, we have 800+ team members, 500,000 sq ft of facilities worldwide (including the US, Mexico and Malaysia), 250 CNC machines (including 3, 4, 5 & 6 axis Vertical/Horizontal Milling) and 125 manual machines that allow us to provide you with in-house Master Manufacturing Services.

  • Precision Gundrilling, Trepanning, Ejector Drilling & Honing
    Hole making diversification eliminates outsourcing with a full range of gundrilling, trepanning and deep-hole capabilities. Diameters are as small as .093 inches in gundrilling and lengths up to 30 ft inches trepanning. We also offer total honing solutions for tight tolerance and finish requirements.

  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) – Wire & Plunge
    EDM equipment, both plunge and wire, is available to machine complex geometries. Tolerances of .0005 to .001 inches are common.

  • MIG/TIG and Electron Beam Welding
    We offer a complete range of welding capabilities. MIG/TIG, we weld aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys. Precision fixtures are made for high tolerance applications to control heat affected zones on raw material. EB Welder was retro-fitted in 2010, offering a vacuum chamber designed to handle pieces up to 16-ft long, with a 24-inch vertical x 16-ft horizontal limit, and up to 1.50 inches of penetration. Benefits of EB Welding are deep penetration, narrow heat effected zone, minimum distortion to work piece and near parent metal strength.

  • Investment Casting
    Utilizing our “air-melt” foundry, our melt capacity is 90 lb with castings properties running 70-90% of “bar stock” properties. First run tolerances are normally around .010 inches per linear inch, but as dies are perfected, they are reduced to as little as .003 per inch. Surface finish of “as-cast” areas is around 150µ. Our in-house rapid prototype capabilities enhance our casting services. Materials cast: 17-4, 300ss series, 400ss series, cobalt 6 and nickel base alloys.

  • Premium Thread Connections
    MIC is certified to cut Grant Prideco (GPDS, XT, HT and XT-M) premium thread connections and Voestalpine premium thread connections.

  • Pressure Testing & NDT
    Quality assurance is ensured with calibrated measurement equipment located at all facilities, featuring Zeiss, Mitutoyo and Brown and Sharpe CMM equipment. Our quality processes are documented, and we can provide “cradle to grave” documentation for each order.

  • Mechanical/Electrical Assembly
    We provide turnkey solutions for electro-mechanical assemblies and subassemblies. Electro-mechanical assembly services include all material procurement, fabrication and testing. Our assembly employees are ProStaff certified to IPC-J-STD-001C and A-610C-CLASS 3 standards for high melting point soldering, wiring and electrostatic discharge (ESD). Our focus is complete supply chain management and turnkey deliverable products with ability to ship product direct to our customer’s end users, if desired.

  • Integrated ERP System
    By the end of Q1 2011, MIC will be on an integrated ERP system that allows us to take full advantage of the organizational strengths. It has a robust finite capacity scheduling system that will help us to improve customer service, allowing us better visibility of where our capacity availability is and also where we have bottlenecks to address.

  • Common CAD/CAM Systems
    Each facility offers support services providing complete CAD/CAM capabilities, modeling and program efficiencies, and providing you with the flexibility you need for quick responses to critical requirements.

  • Complete Outsourcing Services
    Through strategic alliances and agreements, MIC has complete third party support on secondary services not provided in -house, in the event of capacity or unplanned business interruptions. All outsourcing service providers are on MIC’s Approved Vender List and covered by an MIC Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement. As a result, all services are covered under MIC’s ISO 9000-2008 Certification, and MIC takes full responsibility for quality.

At MIC, we focus on milling applications with equipment capable of machining lengths in a single set-up to 144 inches, with diameters of 10 inches. In addition, we offer machining center capabilities of machining within a 60-inch cube.

We offer highly proficient turning capabilities in CNC, hybrid and manual equipment. We have turning capabilities between center of 28-inch diameter to 236-inch length and thru spindle capabilities up to 14-inch diameter. In addition, we have VTL turning capabilities of 60-inch diameter up to 49 inches in height.

We specialize in using exotic materials, such as Inconel®, Stellite®, Hastelloy®, Waspaloy® and Titanium, which comprise 75% of material processed within our facilities.

ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Outside Manufacturing Services

  • Heat Treat
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Shot Peening
  • Coatings
  • Precious Metals Plating
  • Hard Facing/Cladding
  • Grinding

For your contract manufacturing needs, parts or products or total supply chain management, call MIC Group at 979-277-7800 or email us.